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Over eighty percent of employees have experienced a confrontation with a co-

What do you think is a major reason for conflict at work?

If you guessed people not knowing how to interact with each other; due
to not understanding the different personalities of their co-workers, then
you were right.  Communication is a vital social skill to possess, which you
will always need in both your professional and personal life.  Knowing how
to communicate effectively allows you to have healthy relationships and
enhances your opportunities in life. 

However, when many of us are confronted at work we initially respond to
what is being said, instead of questioning the other person’s intentions. 
I know it is a lot easier said, than done.  As a result, numerous employees
experience some aspect of conflict at work?

One way of limiting workplace conflict is for management to get involved
in resolving disputes.  Also, companies can provide training on how to handle
disagreements for employees.  Taking these steps will help to reduce strife
at work and promote more favorable results, such as:

Employees learn how to understand personality types and how to communicate
successfully with their workmates.

Relationships are improved between colleagues, increasing problem resolution
and productivity.

Employees’ creativity is heightened when performing their duties.

Unpleasant situations can occur when nothing is done to reduce arguments between
co-workers.  For instance, an employee may become discontent in their job and
leave the company.  Or worse yet, they could be harassed or caused bodily harm.  If
the problem continues between various employees, then a morale issue can develop
within the company. 

Conflicts drawn out among fellow workers can trigger added complications; such as,
stress for the employee.

Stress Reduction Techniques

You Can Use Now

How are you dealing with stress caused by conflict at work?  Long-term consistent
stress relief increases your chances of healthier living, more than short-term relief.

Dealing with fights on top of your job responsibilities can be overpowering causing
you to feel more stressed.  As a result, you could become upset or quick-tempered
causing you to offend someone.  You may wonder how to manage your stress and
deal with your harsh working conditions. 

Here are a few basic stress reduction techniques for relieving tension and
dealing with strife:

Plan, prioritize, and manage your tasks and time.

Keep a well-organized work space, which allows more efficient
use of your time because you are able to locate things more quickly
and easily and it helps you to think more clearly.

Do not volunteer or commit to pointless additional responsibilities at
work or home that you know will drain you and cause anxiety.  Learn
to say no.  Once your workload decreases, then you may want to take
on these duties.
Make sure that you prioritize extra duties by significance, which are
assigned to you by your manager.  Do not pressure yourself to get
everything done at the same time.

Maintain self-control when confronted by a fellow worker and try
to understand their perspective, before reacting. 

Keep the discussion brief with someone who is speaking rudely to you,
let them know once they are calm you will be cooperative in continuing
the conversation.  If they continue to push their point, then you may want
to walk away.  You can approach the person later to finish talking about the
issue, once they are less perturbed.

Remember that it is essential to your health and happiness to find balance in your
life. One way of doing this is to identify your major stressors and remain dedicated
over a long-term period to reduce what is causing you tension at work or home.  In
doing so, will benefit you the most.

Conflict Resolution Techniques

Can Improve Your Relationships

Learning how to solve disputes improves your communication skills and teaches you
how to better understand others.

When managers participate and employees learn how to resolve arguments at work
it brings value to both the employee and business. Some of the benefits of learning
conflict resolution techniques are increased awareness of self and other’s point of
view and feelings.  Additionally it refines your communication skills, creating the
opportune situation for you to reach a solution or agreement with the other person. 

Businesses are victorious when employees possess the skills for solving disputes.
Some of the benefits companies enjoy are a greater bottom line, operations are
more cost-effective, and employees are happier which decreases staff turnover.

If you have an existing conflict at work or home and need support in resolving it,
then learn more about our Stress Relievers - How to Resolve Conflict Program to see
how it can be of value to you.

Workplace Conflict -

How Are You Coping?
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