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Conflict Resolution Tips

Are the methods you use for resolving
conflict working for you?
how to resolve conflict
Do you take time to gather your
thoughts and feelings before speaking?
tips for resolving conflict
Do you deal with or avoid conflicts?  Disagreements are a part of human nature.  Conflicts are likely to arise anytime two or more people gather to work, socialize or simply have a conversation.  Conflict can be positive if resolved in a healthy and productive manner.  Not all disputes have to end badly. 

One way to ensure your success in conflict resolution is to be willing to understand the other personís point of view.  It is natural for us to think our opinion or feelings about the conflict is right and the other person is wrong.  This would be an assumption.  In resolving conflicts you should not assume.  Making assumptions eliminates any chances of the disagreement being resolved. 

One way to start working towards resolving a conflict is to have a conversation with the other person to understand their perspective and truth about the situation.  In order to resolve interpersonal conflicts positively all points of view must be heard, understood and acknowledged.  In doing so, will help you and the other person to keep the peace, reach an agreement and save the relationship. 

Here are some tips and things to remember which may be helpful in determining how to approach resolving a disagreement:

Conflict is a natural part of the human nature.  Although it can be an unpleasant situation, do not fear it, instead look at it as an opportunity to change and grow a relationship for the better.

In your approach for reaching a reconciliation commit to and think about how you can be sincere and effective in reaching an agreement in which all parties are satisfied and feel they were heard and understood.

Show the other person that you sincerely care and are concerned and that their point of view is important too.

While the other person is talking be fully engaged by listening attentively and keeping an open mind to the other personís perspective.  While listening, do not be thinking about your response.

Be clear when expressing your view point and keep an attitude which allows you to be honest, respectful and transparent.

Be willing to communicate in a way in which all parties are able to speak.  Enter into the discussion with an expectation that everyone will be able to come to a mutual agreement.

Do not avoid conflict, thinking it will get resolved without being ddressed.  Meet it head on.  If you dodge disputes it will only get worse and eventually create a bigger disagreement and negative feelings.

Be mindful and really focus on self-control when someone responds negatively to you during a heated discussion.  Do not let it tempt you to behave in way which compromises your principles, ethics or integrity. 

Take time out to gather your thoughts and feelings if the conversation starts to get out of hand or someoneís safety may be threatened.

Most importantly, put the relationship first. It is not about who is right, wrong or the winner.  It is about finding a solution which brings harmony and saves the relationship.

Your behavior in resolving conflict in a positive manner will not change overnight, but it can change over time with practice.  The more you remain mindful and apply these principles eventually it will become habit.  You can count on conflict occurring throughout your life.  However, recognizing signs of a possible disagreement and practicing positive conflict resolution techniques can help you in maintaining peace in your relationships and life.

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