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How to deal with stress when circumstances in our lives or others’ lives are being reshaped?  Modifications in our lives can impact and affect us all differently.  Whether it takes place in our
individual life or in the world we live in we all react, think and feel differently.  Some transformations that occur within the world we live results in some of us feeling joy, excitement and optimism.  However, the same transformation may leave others feeling despair, stress and gloom. 

You are in control of how you choose to react, think and feel
about changes that are not pleasing to you.  The new government has caused many to feel despair and stress amongst many other emotions.  In spite of what some are feeling, they have taken action in protesting in hopes of stopping injustices and creating
change for the better.  This is an inspiration to all who are not
satisfied with how the new administration is trying to alter
America into something it should not be. 

Life Changing


If you are not happy with the current situation and are feeling
stressed here are a few suggestions that may help you in alleviating your tension:

Remain POSITIVE in knowing the situation is not hopeless.  In uncertain times or circumstances it is important to keep a positive outlook.  Ask yourself what part can I play in helping to make the situation better.  Keep your thoughts upbeat.  Because in you being hopeful will create promising feelings; such as, optimism.  As a result, your actions and attitude will be more concrete in you making the situation better instead of worse.

Get INVOLVED utilizing your passion and enthusiasm to join with others to jumpstart creating change that has a victorious outcome.  Unity, passion and action can make things happen.  Stay optimistic and decide how you can be helpful in making life better for you and someone else.  You may not get the results you want the first time.  However, let it be a motivator for you not to give up and keep moving forward for what you believe in. 

Practice SELF-CARE to ensure you are nurturing your physical, emotional and mental needs.  It is important to slow down, relax and re-energize so that you get relief from your burden and have the strength to keep moving forward in your journey.  Find time to spend on taking care of you by doing enjoyable activities that are relaxing.  Or simply do nothing at all, whichever will be most beneficial to you in restoring your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

PRAYER.  If you are spiritual and pray, then you know how powerful prayer can be in transforming your life and the world we live in.  You can practice praying according to your spiritual beliefs.  You can pray about the fortunate changes you desire for your family, others and the world to become a reality.  Remaining faithful in prayer can be life changing.

“Fervent prayers produce phenomenal results.”
~Woodrow Kroll

Learning to practice self-care, maintaining a positive attitude and gaining clarity in your life during uncertain times will help to reduce your stress.  Changing Your Life Coaching is committed in guiding, supporting and encouraging you in discovering solutions for how you can take better care of yourself and gain clarity in your life.  Get started today by visiting the Complimentary Coaching Session Page and schedule your session now. 

I look forward to learning more about you and how I may be able to support you.  
changes in life
How are you coping with stress as our country changes?
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How To Deal With Stress During Change

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Doubt And How You Can Overcome It

How do you deal with obstacles
holding  you back from
reaching your goals?
building confidence
Do you wonder what
steps should I take next?
overcoming obstacles
Do you wonder what
steps should I take next?
overcoming obstacles

DOUBT.  What do you do when you question yourself? 

Uncertainty can:

Cause mixed emotions.

Cause you to procrastinate making you think that what you are pursuing is too hard and impossible.

Cause you to give up.

Cause you to be confused, which stops your progress because you are not sure what to do next.

Cause you to second guess your abilities in order to achieve your goals for making your dream a reality. 

You will have thoughts of uncertainty and begin to feel incapable, because we all do at times.  However, when it happens immediately rid your mind of the negative thought and replace it with positive thinking.  For instance, think about how you can overcome the challenge, instead of how it will conquer you.  Do not let doubt overpower you, you defeat it and do not give up.

For example, you can come up with an acronym like the following one that you can say to yourself on a daily basis when needed: 

D – Demand to
O – Own Your
U – Uniqueness by
B – Being
T – True to Yourself and Your Dreams and Persevere

Come up with something that works for you.

Overcoming Challenges

If you have a burning desire to achieve your dream and something deep down inside will not let you give up, then do not give up.  You may want to ask yourself what the motivation behind your burning desire is to achieve your dream.  Search your inner self.  Ask yourself if you want it for the right reasons, is this truly my destiny, how does it align with my values and what I believe in, am I willing to work in overcoming challenges, and more.

Keep moving forward and make progress which will increase your confidence, believe in yourself, remain faithful, and pray for guidance.  We do not know the exact path the Higher Power (God, etc.) plans to lead us through.  However, in remaining faithful and persevering you will eventually be blessed and reach the success you expected.  Do not let doublemindedness cause you to question the Higher Power’s (God, etc.) ability to deliver, resulting in you leading yourself in the wrong direction. 

I believe the evil one uses doubt to cause us to be sidetracked, procrastinate, second guess ourselves, give up on our dreams, stop believing in ourselves, and stop having faith.  Do not be conquered, be the conqueror.  Do all you know and can do and leave the rest to your belief and faith.  Do your research, know what it will take to accomplish your dream, come up with a strategy and plan of action.  Once you know what all is involved and how to achieve it, then move forward, stay focused, and do not give up.

You are human and will question yourself and your decisions throughout life.  However, knowing how to overcome it so that it does not prevent you from accomplishing your dream in life is key.  Do you want to look back on your life and regret that you did not try?  Or you did try; however, you let doubtfulness stop you?  You deserve to have the dreams placed in your heart.  It is up to you to make those dreams a reality.  How much do you want it?

What is your dream life?  Do you need help in overcoming indecision that is preventing you from moving forward in accomplishing your goals for making your dream a reality?

Changing Your Life Coaching can support you in overcoming your doubt so that you are able to move forward in achieving your home and work life dream.
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