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How to deal with stress when circumstances in our lives or others’ lives are being reshaped?  Modifications in our lives can impact and affect us all differently.  Whether it takes place in our
individual life or in the world we live in we all react, think and feel differently.  Some transformations that occur within the world we live results in some of us feeling joy, excitement and optimism.  However, the same transformation may leave others feeling despair, stress and gloom. 

You are in control of how you choose to react, think and feel
about changes that are not pleasing to you.  The new government has caused many to feel despair and stress amongst many other emotions.  In spite of what some are feeling, they have taken action in protesting in hopes of stopping injustices and creating
change for the better.  This is an inspiration to all who are not
satisfied with how the new administration is trying to alter
America into something it should not be. 

Life Changing


If you are not happy with the current situation and are feeling
stressed here are a few suggestions that may help you in alleviating your tension:

Remain POSITIVE in knowing the situation is not hopeless.  In uncertain times or circumstances it is important to keep a positive outlook.  Ask yourself what part can I play in helping to make the situation better.  Keep your thoughts upbeat.  Because in you being hopeful will create promising feelings; such as, optimism.  As a result, your actions and attitude will be more concrete in you making the situation better instead of worse.

Get INVOLVED utilizing your passion and enthusiasm to join with others to jumpstart creating change that has a victorious outcome.  Unity, passion and action can make things happen.  Stay optimistic and decide how you can be helpful in making life better for you and someone else.  You may not get the results you want the first time.  However, let it be a motivator for you not to give up and keep moving forward for what you believe in. 

Practice SELF-CARE to ensure you are nurturing your physical, emotional and mental needs.  It is important to slow down, relax and re-energize so that you get relief from your burden and have the strength to keep moving forward in your journey.  Find time to spend on taking care of you by doing enjoyable activities that are relaxing.  Or simply do nothing at all, whichever will be most beneficial to you in restoring your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

PRAYER.  If you are spiritual and pray, then you know how powerful prayer can be in transforming your life and the world we live in.  You can practice praying according to your spiritual beliefs.  You can pray about the fortunate changes you desire for your family, others and the world to become a reality.  Remaining faithful in prayer can be life changing.

“Fervent prayers produce phenomenal results.”
~Woodrow Kroll

Learning to practice self-care, maintaining a positive attitude and gaining clarity in your life during uncertain times will help to reduce your stress.  Changing Your Life Coaching is committed in guiding, supporting and encouraging you in discovering solutions for how you can take better care of yourself and gain clarity in your life.  Get started today by visiting the Complimentary Coaching Session Page and schedule your session now. 

I look forward to learning more about you and how I may be able to support you.  
changes in life
How are you coping with stress as our country changes?
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How To Deal With Stress During Change

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How To Prepare For An Interview Strategies

What is most important to you
when preparing for an interview?
How prepared are you
for your interviews?
 job interview tips
How prepared are you
for your interviews?

 job interview tips
Getting ready for an interview can be stressful, not to mention the actual event.  Sometimes the simplest preparations can make the biggest difference in how you perform during the occasion.  There are various types of interviews, such as, structured, behavioral, group, plus more.  You will usually know ahead of time which kind you will encounter.  Whichever one you always want to be at your best.  What is your plan for how to prepare for an interview?

Interview Preparation

Depending on the type of interview you will have, will sometimes determine how you get ready.  However, keep in mind that when interviewing for a job the interviewer will be considering how your knowledge, professional skills, abilities, experience and with many soft skills best fit the job they are seeking to fill.  Here are some basic strategies that may help you with your interview preparation:

Do research on the company so that you are knowledgeable about its products and services, mission, vision, culture, etc.  This will help you to ask and answer questions that pertain to the company.  Also, it shows them that you truly have an interest in working there and you will make a good impression. In addition, learn as much as you can about the job through research.

Be sure to ask questions.  Before the interview, you may want to write down some questions to ask or questions may arise for you during the interview.  However, be sure to ask some questions.  You can ask questions based on the research you did regarding the company and the job.  In asking questions will help you to determine if the company and people that work there are a good fit for you and your career.

Know the qualifications and requirements of the job the company is seeking to fill.  It will help you to better prepare for how to present your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience in comparison to the job.  Also, asking questions about the job expectations, responsibilities, and challenges will help you in discussing what value you bring to the job, innovative ways you can help solve problems, or make positive changes while in the position.  In addition, you can discuss how you can help to increase the effectiveness of the company meeting its objectives as it pertains to the job.  

Think about and review any notes you may have on previous interviews regarding mistakes you feel you made, feedback received from the interviewer, and what you believe you needed to improve on.  In doing this makes you aware of the valuable lessons you learned, so that you can advance your skills for interviewing in the future.

Be professional.  Present yourself as being competent regarding your clothes, nails, hair, cologne, perfume, plus more.  If you decide on a new haircut or hairstyle you may want to do it a few days prior to the interview to give yourself time to feel comfortable and confident about it.  You know how sometimes whether or not we like a new haircut or hairstyle makes us feel a certain way.  If you use cologne or perfume make sure the smell is settle and not too strong.  Some people have allergies and you do not want your cologne or perfume to be distracting or cause someone discomfort.  Make sure your attire is appropriate based on the company's dress code.  Feeling good about your appearance helps boost your confidence.

Be confident, courteous, and make eye contact.  Boost your confidence by believing in yourself and being fully prepared for the interview, so that it shows in your behavior.  Be courteous and respectful to everyone you encounter on your way to the interview and once you get to the company, because you never know who may work at the company or who all may be interviewing you.

Give yourself extra time the day of the interview to prepare.  Whether your interview is during the morning or afternoon you do not want to be in a hurry.  Allowing yourself more time to get ready on the day of the interview will help you remain calm and composed.  As a result, you will be more confident, relaxed, and mentally prepared to do your best.

Although we should eat healthy every day, make sure you eat healthy on the day of the interview.  In doing so, will give you energy and help you to maintain focus during the interview.  You do not want to be distracted due to hunger or food you ate which caused a negative reaction, such as, an upset stomach or more.

These are a few job interview tips in which you may find helpful.  If you would like help with advancing your career, determining what type of job or career would best fit your strengths and values, job interviewing, updating your resume, determining a strategy and plan of action for your career or new job, or more, then visit Career Coaching Services now to learn how our coaching program can help you.

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