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How To Successfully Solve Problems

Do you believe that every
problem has a solution?
solving personal problems
Patience will help you in
solving problems successfully.
steps in solving personal problems
“Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don't have any problems, you don't get any seeds”.
-Norman Vincent Peale

Do you try to solve your problem or just ignore it?  Do you choose which problems are worth solving?  Do you believe that every problem has a solution?

If you are reluctant to find remedies for your troubles, determine what is holding you back.

When solving difficulties you want to have a plan of action, a positive attitude, and belief that you can solve it.  Thinking and acting in this way helps you to approach the issue knowing you will be successful.  You have to proclaim it to be true.  It will only come to be, if you make it happen.

Visualizing yourself as if you have already achieved the result or position you sought after, helps you to believe in yourself and reach your goals for solving the problem.  Most importantly, you will have to do the necessary work for making your vision a reality. 

How to Plan a Solution

Here are a few things to remember for planning and carrying out your solution:

Use your time wisely.
Do not let your fears hold you back.
Work on smaller more manageable tasks, before taking on more complex ones.
Do not allow yourself to be distracted from making progress.
Do not procrastinate; it will only make it harder to resolve the issue.

First, before going down the road of solving the problem, you must be impartial to the fact that there may be different ways to solve the problem and there are solutions to problems you thought could not be fixed.  Thinking positively, helps you to think of creative ways for solving the issue. 

Keep these in mind to put together a plan for conquering your dilemmas:

Identify the Problem: Be sure to have a clear understanding of the problem, this is essential for determining a solution.  Once you know the source of your problem; identify the people, relationship between each person, and what are the pros and cons for you.  In doing so, will help you in knowing what the problem is and its’ significance.

Brainstorm for Solutions:  Analyze the problem from different viewpoints to come up with ideas on how to solve it.  Write down your ideas and build upon each digging deeper for your best solution.  Consider all possibilities, circumstances, and consequences.  Decide on what guidelines you can live with for choosing acceptable solutions to the problem.

Determine the Obstacles:  When thinking of solutions, decide on what could truly limit your solution from being successful and what are you assuming could be an obstacle.  Decide on how valid each one is and how you can prevail over it.

Be Inventive:  You may want to consult with someone who has experienced a similar problem to yours for ideas.  Take into account what they tell you.  In addition, be inventive in deciding how you can make your different solutions work.  Research shows that some of the following can help get your creativity flowing:  physical exercise, taking a nap, brainstorming, and an optimistic outlook.

Keep Track:  Remember to keep track of all of your solutions and carefully evaluate each, before making a decision on which one or ones to put into action.

Patience is Key to Your Success:   As long as you are patient and persevere, there is always the possibility that you will discover a solution. 

Make sure when you are planning a solution to your problem that you think about where you want to go and why.  Think about how your future will be and how you will feel when you have accomplished solving your problem in the way you want. 

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