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How to deal with stress when circumstances in our lives or others’ lives are being reshaped?  Modifications in our lives can impact and affect us all differently.  Whether it takes place in our
individual life or in the world we live in we all react, think and feel differently.  Some transformations that occur within the world we live results in some of us feeling joy, excitement and optimism.  However, the same transformation may leave others feeling despair, stress and gloom. 

You are in control of how you choose to react, think and feel
about changes that are not pleasing to you.  The new government has caused many to feel despair and stress amongst many other emotions.  In spite of what some are feeling, they have taken action in protesting in hopes of stopping injustices and creating
change for the better.  This is an inspiration to all who are not
satisfied with how the new administration is trying to alter
America into something it should not be. 

Life Changing


If you are not happy with the current situation and are feeling
stressed here are a few suggestions that may help you in alleviating your tension:

Remain POSITIVE in knowing the situation is not hopeless.  In uncertain times or circumstances it is important to keep a positive outlook.  Ask yourself what part can I play in helping to make the situation better.  Keep your thoughts upbeat.  Because in you being hopeful will create promising feelings; such as, optimism.  As a result, your actions and attitude will be more concrete in you making the situation better instead of worse.

Get INVOLVED utilizing your passion and enthusiasm to join with others to jumpstart creating change that has a victorious outcome.  Unity, passion and action can make things happen.  Stay optimistic and decide how you can be helpful in making life better for you and someone else.  You may not get the results you want the first time.  However, let it be a motivator for you not to give up and keep moving forward for what you believe in. 

Practice SELF-CARE to ensure you are nurturing your physical, emotional and mental needs.  It is important to slow down, relax and re-energize so that you get relief from your burden and have the strength to keep moving forward in your journey.  Find time to spend on taking care of you by doing enjoyable activities that are relaxing.  Or simply do nothing at all, whichever will be most beneficial to you in restoring your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

PRAYER.  If you are spiritual and pray, then you know how powerful prayer can be in transforming your life and the world we live in.  You can practice praying according to your spiritual beliefs.  You can pray about the fortunate changes you desire for your family, others and the world to become a reality.  Remaining faithful in prayer can be life changing.

“Fervent prayers produce phenomenal results.”
~Woodrow Kroll

Learning to practice self-care, maintaining a positive attitude and gaining clarity in your life during uncertain times will help to reduce your stress.  Changing Your Life Coaching is committed in guiding, supporting and encouraging you in discovering solutions for how you can take better care of yourself and gain clarity in your life.  Get started today by visiting the Complimentary Coaching Session Page and schedule your session now. 

I look forward to learning more about you and how I may be able to support you.  
changes in life
How are you coping with stress as our country changes?
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How To Deal With Stress During Change

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Team Building To Increase Performance

What strategies do you use for team building?
Is your team a high performing team?
team building activities
What strategies do you use for team building?

Have you been wondering how you can improve the way your team is performing at work?  What are some ways you have tried so far and did it work?  Have you considered how you may be leading your team?  Positively communicating and engaging your team can result in team building to increase performance.  Here are a few suggestions that may help . . .

Ways to Improve Work Performance

When discussing the project communicate clearly, be influential, and truthful in explaining the purpose of the project and the company’s goals.  Clearly communicate to the team how they will work together in accomplishing the company goals.  Communicate with your team to discover how they may feel the project brings meaning to their work and how they can contribute.

As a team establish specific goals and determine how each member will track their progress.  In each tracking their progress helps them in having an actionable strategy and keeps them focused on their efforts.  This will help them in staying motivated as they see how achieving their goals are producing the expected outcome.

Ensure you make the team feel like they are vital to the project.  Telling them is simply not enough.  Being attentive to each member and request their feedback.  The team will feel more valued and trusting if they feel they can openly communicate with you and actually see their ideas being used to produce the end product and or service.

Implement effective facilitation and have common agreements about process.  Effectively facilitating the project helps the team to be more productive.  As the leader you can delegate this role to a team member.  However, it would be good for the team as a whole to decide how meetings will be conducted and team decisions will be made.  The facilitator can maintain structure for the process and help with productivity by managing the meetings ensuring everyone is heard.

Encourage each team member’s view point.  High performing teams depend on each member’s unique point of view as vital.  Encourage them to be innovative and explore ideas.  Discuss all ideas completely before disregarding any.  This will help with team work in which the group will develop a higher level of collaboration for formulating ideas.

Acknowledge conflict and resolve it within the group.  When tension exists over different ideas acknowledge it, deal with it, and decide how to handle it within the team.  High performing teams are normally able to deal with opposing views and intense feelings within the group process. 

Be supportive when confronting team members.  During projects people with very distinct perspectives or people with different roles within a company come together can sometimes create conflict.  As the leader you can constructively probe and use clear direct communication to ensure all issues are addressed thoroughly and respectfully.  In doing so, will eliminate any finger pointing, accusations, and avoidance of responsibility.

Manage time effectively.  Start and stop meetings on time.  At the start of meetings be clear about what is to be accomplished and manage the flow of the meeting accordingly.  Before closing the meeting summarize what has been accomplished, clarify with members which tasks they agreed to do following the meeting, and establish what happens next for the team.

Expect an outcome without controlling the outcome.  Although the teams’ purpose and goals have been established at the start of the project and are being tracked, show your team that you trust that they will accomplish their goals.  A high performing team will use their creativity as the fuel needed for them to ensure they are productive and stay committed to the process and project.

Changing Your Life Coaching provides professional coaching customized to help you achieve your leadership goals.  Visit the Leadership Communication to Become More Effective Program to learn how it can help you to improve your leadership skills.  Contact us now for more details and how we can best help you. 

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