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10 Ways To Reduce Stress For Boosting
Your Health and Happiness

Learn to manage your stress
for becoming a happier person.
how to be a happier person
“It is not how much we have, but
how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”
--Charles Spurgeon

how to reduce stress
Are your daily challenges frustrating and as a result leaving you frequently feeling overwhelmed?  When you believe achieving your responsibilities is hopeless, it makes it even harder to manage the situation and move forward with solutions. 

Practicing positive thinking allows you to focus on your strengths; implementing solutions for tasks that are pressuring you; and ways to reduce stress.   Your achievements increase your happiness, motivation, and health. The benefit is that you spend more time making progress and less time feeling defeated and discouraged.

Stress Management Tips

The following stress management tips are practical suggestions that you can use to help you shift into more positive thinking patterns for improving your health and happiness:

Take Good Care of Yourself

It is much easier to be optimistic and focused when you are eating healthy; you are exercising consistently; sleeping adequately at night and relaxing.

Remind Yourself of What You Are Grateful For

Stressors and difficulties are diminished when you constantly remind yourself of all the good things in your life which you are thankful for.  At minimum set aside 60 seconds a day to stop and appreciate everything in your life that you value and bring you joy.  It will make a huge difference.

Do Not Make Assumptions – Seek the Truth

Sometimes our fear leads us to assume that we know what other people think of us based on how they may treat or look at us.  You may think that you are the cause of someone being in bad mood.  Or your co-workers or friends are gossiping about you when they really are not.  Our fears trigger negative thoughts which are usually not true.

Do not waste your time worrying if you are the blame for someone's bad mood tactfully approach the person and ask what you want to know.  As the saying goes, “The Truth Will Set You Free.”

Speak From the Heart

If someone has done something to upset you, let them know how it made you feel and how important it is to you that they speak to or treat you as you would like. 

For instance, you could say “What you did to me made me feel . . .”  Or “It is important to me that you speak to or treat me . . .”  Speaking to them in this manner will help them to better understand how you were impacted by what they did or said.  You speaking this way will usually make the other person be more willing to listen to what you have to say and make changes.

Crush Negative Thoughts

Do not let negative thinking sabotage you moving forward in accomplishing your personal goals.  Always find the silver lining in obstacles.  Plan ways that you can overcome each difficulty, then take action.  Your thoughts can only hold you back from achieving what you want, if you give it power to conquer you.  Pay attention to when you are having negative thoughts and instantly think of something uplifting so that bad thinking does not settle in your mind.

Change Your Behavior

Thinking positively makes you feel joyful and gives you the confidence to pursue what you want in life.  How you think effects your feelings, which in turn determines your behavior towards a certain situation or person, which leads to an outcome. 

Be Affectionate Towards Your Friends and Family

You know what a good hug can do for you.  Generously give hugs to others.  Make your friends, loved ones or pets day by making them feel loved when you give them a hug. 

The HAI (Human Awareness Institute) found that the ideal hug is 20 seconds or more.  It took 20 seconds or more for scientists to see a rise in a person’s oxytocin (sometimes called the love-drug).  Research done by Dr. Karen Grewen, PhD and Assistant Professor at UNC School of Medicine, linked the increased oxytocin levels in both men and women to reduced blood pressure, reduced cortisol (stress hormone) and improved sleep patterns.

Increase Your Social Activity

Increase social activity to ease feeling lonely.  Surround yourself with people who are healthy, happy and have positive energy in order to boost your joy and well-being.

Volunteer for a Cause Important to You or Help Someone

Everyone feels a sense of fulfillment after volunteering or helping someone. You can volunteer time, money or resources.  When you share and help others in the world; you will receive it in return.

Be Optimistic When Combating Negativity

We all have the battle of maintaining a positive mindset.  Be mindful of when you are focusing more on how stressed you are, instead of how you can decrease your stress.  Realize when you are doing this and immediately change your focus thinking of ways you can manage your distress.

What could you do now or within a day or week that would elevate some of the tension you are experiencing.  Start with small steps that lead into you taking bigger steps for taking control of your worries in order to be more at peace and healthy.

One way to be happier and healthier is to learn how to manage your time effectively, so that you can be more productive in your life and spend more time enjoying what you want. 

Click on the link to learn more about the How to Manage Time and Stress Coaching Program.

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