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Women and Stress
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Women and Stress

Do you have any
symptoms of stress?

stress in women, stress symptoms in women
What are you doing
as a parent to
relieve tension?

parents stress, mother stress
What is stressing you?  What do you think are the major factors that cause strain for women?  According to a case study done by Sage Publications it found the following to be the main circumstances for worry in women regardless of their profession:

Marital Status, Work Experience, Family, Income, Education, Age, and Number of Dependents

Tension has become an everyday issue for many.  Research has indicated that women are experiencing more intense stress at forty-six percent, than men at forty-one percent.  More women than men are aware of and believe in the negative physical and mental implications of feeling pressured.  However, it has been difficult for most women to achieve their goals for maintaining a regimen that promotes healthy living. 

The lack of self-discipline is the major culprit for both women and men.

What are Women Stress Symptoms


Symptoms of stress are a result of your body responding to the pressures of challenging situations, good or bad.  These tensions affect everyone uniquely.  In addition, it impacts women and men differently.  Some symptoms women may cope with due to their concerns could range from feeling sad, crying, having headaches, or having issues sleeping. Did you know that some social anxieties like, public speaking, taking tests, or relationship conflicts can contribute to obesity?

A recent study done by the American Physiological Society shows that these types of worries can cause some people to eat too much, resulting in gaining weight. In addition, it has been found that mental stress impacts the heart’s coronary blood flow. 

When men are distressed emotionally their blood flow increases, but for women it remains the same.  This could be a reason why women are more likely to suffer from unfavorable cardiac incidents when they experience emotional tension.  However, when a woman deals with physical pressure like exercising her heart’s blood flow increases and it decreases for men.  This is believed to be a contributing factor to why more men suffer from coronary artery disease than women.

It is best to decrease your concerns and begin to simplify your life for healthier living. 

Mothers and Stress

There are many roles that you play and responsibilities that you take on in life.  Do you sometimes experience distraught feelings as a parent?  Most of us could probably answer “Yes” to this question. 

A study done by the American Psychological Association found that mothers between the ages of thirty-five to fifty-four are more burdened than any other age group.  Mothers are always busy trying to balance the demands of work, home, children, aging parents, spouses and more.  These types of challenges leave women feeling extremely overwhelmed and sometimes responsibilities are neglected. 

For example, most women are the primary parent that prepares meals for the family.  Sometimes the taxing obligations of your job may prevent you from cooking a healthy meal for your family.  In turn, your children are eating more fast foods.  Women determining solutions for ensuring that their family is eating healthy daily will help to relieve some of their worry regarding their children’s health.

For instance, mom and dad could share cooking healthy meals for the family.  Or even teach older children how to cook.  Each family is different, but could get together on how to overcome the issue in order to ease the pressure off mothers.

Moms are one of the parents that are a role model for children. Mostly, children learn by example.  Therefore, it is important for you to learn how to manage your stress not only for your family, but for your own well-being too.  You do not want your children to grow up imitating your unhealthy behaviors when they are trying to cope with distress in their lives.

A recent survey done by the American Psychological Association revealed that children in the United States are often feeling more pressure than parents realize.  Over two-thirds of parents believe that their tension has little to no impact on their children feeling tense.  However, it has been discovered that eighty-six percent of children reported that their parent’s anxiety level absolutely affects them.

Are you one that has a hard time managing the strain in your life?  Do you need help in getting on track for accomplishing your goals for managing what is troubling you and living your dreams? 

Coaching can help to inspire and encourage you to set and accomplish your goals for alleviating concern regarding parenting and stress.  In addition, to empowering you to believe that you can live the life you always imagined for yourself and family. 

Learn how our professional coaching service can help.  Visit the Contact Us Page to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session to determine if coaching is the right solution for you in achieving your goals and dreams.

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